Inspire children with a message of HOPE through Providence School of Arts. Join in the narrative of restoration and reconciliation where the need is abundant. Join the families, teachers, and community members committed to empowering children from all backgrounds to find their value and discover their purpose.

Join the narrative

Every Child has Value.
Every child has a Purpose.

Our Story

Kansas City, Missouri continues to suffer from the wounds of the past. The street called Troost represents a divide of race, income, educational attainment and a plethora of other inequalities. This inequity is most evident in education and impacts the city’s most precious resource; its children. This is the story of Kansas City.

Providence School of Arts is writing a different story. A story that begins with the opportunity to bring healing to these wounds by doing something radically different: serve as a bridge between communities (reconciliation) and open a high-quality school in an under-served community (restoration).

We can’t accomplish this monumental task alone. You can stand up and say, “Every child has value, every child has purpose.” Join the story that will change the future by empowering the next generation.

You will make a difference.

Meet Our Community

Inspired Students

Meet Celeste. She is a student at Providence School of Arts.

Despite her rough start at other educational institutions, she has found her groove and is now learning at grade level expectations in the semester since she began with us. Celeste’s favorite classes are Math and Bible. She hopes to be a ballerina when she grows up.

Inspired Teachers

Meet Micaela. She has been teaching at Providence since its beginnings.

She has a burning passion for helping all children, regardless of talent or income, to reach their fullest potential through personal and creative development and showing them the love of God.

Inspired Families

Meet Scott. He is a parent at Providence School of Arts.

He appreciates the staff’s passion for a well-rounded education that includes arts. “It is such a joy to see my son’s delight in sharing what he is learning. The personal growth opportunities at Providence can’t be found anywhere else.”

Inspire Grants Fund

academics image

High-Quality Academics

Children of all backgrounds have the opportunity to flourish through an innovative academic curriculum and the support of a committed teaching staff . This year, the students went from non-readers to readers, making a year’s progress in just one semester.

fine arts image

Fine & Performing Arts Classes

Children have the chance to discover their unique talents and experience the many benefits of the arts. Already, the students have developed confidence and unearthed their creativity through art, dance, theater, and music.

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The Gospel

Because restoration & reconciliation begin and end with the Gospel, faith is integrated into every subject matter, teaching a biblical worldview in everything they do. The students are growing in their knowledge of God.

Our Future

schoolbus future image

Imagine a bus full of children heading to school at Providence School of Arts. These children are from different neighborhoods, different ethnic backgrounds, and different socio-economic levels. Yet, still they have a love for each other, their school, their community and most of all, for God. This is a community INSPIRED! This is the future of Providence School of Arts.

Your monthly gift makes an impact of a lifetime. You can be a part of raising up a generation of faithful servants who will contribute to the good of their communities for the glory of God. As a member of INSPIRE, you will be apart of the narrative that will change the landscape of Kansas City: RESTORATION & RECONCILIATION. You can help bridge the gap.

Founding Members

We are thankful for the following supporters who believed in INSPIRE first:

Ben and Angela Unruh
Josh and Kristen Reynolds
Jeremy and Iris Goodding
Brian and Yvette Heath
Arionne Williams
Wayne and Kathy McLarren
Richard and Amy Goodding
Andrew and Whitney Conard
Justin and Johna Lygrisse
Bethany Gammon
Ryan and Christy Pelton
Andrew and Brandi Pistorius
Carol and Gary Goodding
Kevin and Beth Sieker
Connie Miles

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